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There are certain patients born with the thought that they are of the opposite sex but have the physical feature of the sex which they don’t want. It is like they are entrapped in the body of the opposite sex. These patients require sex-change operations like a female to male surgery and male to female surgery, this is also called gender reassignment surgery and sex change surgery. These surgical procedures are performed in a patient who has under thorough evaluation by psychiatrist and psychologist and who have been living with clothes worn of the opposite sex.
Once the psychiatrist gives affirmation that the patient is a clear cut case of gender identity disorder we perform the sex change operation There can be Male to Female or Female to Male assignment. This is a staged operation in both the cases.

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Why gender reassignment surgery is important?

Gender personality is a person’s sense of recognition with either the male or female sex, as apparent in appearance, behaviour, and other aspects of a person’s life. Gender character poses a great mortification for transgender who struggles every day with their identity and being human we can understand the problems of a person who just keeps on fighting to find their own gender identity.
Trans-gender people need constant moral support, to survive with their own body and to make space for them in society. But, eventually their problem gets exaggerated when they do not get support from their close one and their parents do not understand their feelings. To help them the people suffering from gender dysphoria (Gender identity disorder) and to provide them respect in society, gender reassignment surgery is the best and only solution.
Gender reassignment surgery or SRS (also known as sex affirmation surgery and by many other names) is a surgical procedure by which a transgender person’s physical emergence and function of their existing sexual character are malformed to resemble that socially connected with their identified gender.

Steps involved in Sex Reassignment or Gender-Affirming Surgery

Step 1:

Evaluation of Gender Identity

Evaluation of Gender Identity disorder also called Gender Dysphoria is the first step of reassignment surgery (female to male or male to female). The evaluation is performed by the psychiatrist, specialize in gender identity order. After complete check-up, you are suggested to go for a medical evaluation for the period of 3 months.

Step 2:

A mental health evaluation

Preparing for transgender surgery requires time and effort, as well as mental fortitude. It can be a long process getting to surgery, so you should be mentally and physically ready for this. One letter from a mental health professional, written to the physician who will be responsible for the patient's medical treatment, is sufficient for instituting hormone therapy or for a referral for breast surgery (e.g., mastectomy, chest reconstruction, or augmentation mammoplasty)

Step 3:


Your medic team will let you know what to bring to prepare for the procedure. Make sure to carry valid identification card, health insurance card and information.

Step 4:

Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal Therapy is started in agreement with Endocrinologist. Hormones are injected into the body to produce the desired sexual characters. After 3-6 months of hormonal therapy, gender reassignment surgery is started successfully.

Step 5:

MTF o FTM Surgery

Female to male or non-binary (FTM/N): During FTM top surgery, breast tissue is removed and the chest is shaped to give the patient a flat, masculine, or male appearance.
Male to female or non-binary (MTF/N): This procedure entails using saline or silicone implants to boost chest size and form for a more feminine or female appearance. Male to female top surgery is done under general anesthesia.
Bottom surgery involves transforming or reconstructing the bottom or genitalia. This involves vaginoplasty, phalloplasty, and metoidioplasty.

Step 6:


Follow up after Surgery and Recovery guidline

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SRS Surgical Options in India

Female to Male Surgical Options in India

Male to Female Surgical Options

List Of Procedures Available

MTF Surgery
FTM Surgery
Breast enlargement (Fat graft/ Silicon)
Top surgery (key hole/Double incision)
Laser hair removal
Laparoscopic uterus every removal
Vagina creation
Voice change surgery
Phalloplasty (Penis)
Facial Feminization surgery (a) Nose Job
(b) Lip creation
(c) Fore head contouring
(d) Hairline correction
(e) Cheek implant
(f) Chin correction
(g) Hair transplant
Scrotum creation ( testis implants)
Penis implants
Voice change surgery
Hair Transplant
All facial procedures

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Hear From Our Customers

As a Female to male transgender, my breasts were inhibiting my ability to live my life fully. Now, I can live a better life. All of the staff was great and did not confront me about my gender. The recovery was great and the care was wonderful. I loved my experience and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Samdish Patil Navi Mumbai

Everyone was very friendly and open to hearing about my concerns and expectations. I really could tell why they are leaders in gender conformation surgeries. All of the appointments were informative and helpful. I was completely comfortable before, during, and after the surgery. I had virtually no pain, and I am very pleased with the results. Overall, the best experience I've had in a medical facility. Thank you so much.

Uhuru Mumbai

I am an FTM transender man. This surgery has been a saving grace. It has changed my everyday life in every way. All of the staff was extremely helpful and respectful. The results of my surgery were excellent.

Sanjay Delhi

I was treated with such a great amount of respect. From the nurses to the surgeon, every one was so nice. They were very reassuring and answered all questions. It was my first surgery and I will be back for next surgery in the future.

Rama Thapa Colaba

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, during the gender change application, you need two witnesses, they can be from your family or friends. If you are married, it is better to keep your spouse as one of the witnesses.
    No, there is no requirement of any surgery for making an application for gender change. You can make the application whenever you have decided to change your gender.
    Here at Vakilsearch, we take about 6-8 weeks to get your gender change notification complete in the Gazette of India.
    Here at Vakilsearch, we take about 6-8 weeks to get your gender change notification complete in the Gazette of India.
    Even Though you have sex regularly, it cannot be counted as dilation. Patient must use a rigid dilator to enlarge the vaginal cavity and give a small pressure when reach the end to maintain the depth.

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